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Permit Application

East Umatilla Fire and Rescue

Residential Burn Permit

    Name of Responsible party
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    DATES ISSUED: valid on "Umatilla County Designated Burn Days" from October 1, 2023 until July 1, 2024
    To determine if it a Burn Day, please call Umatilla County Burn Line at (541) 278-6397 or check their website (
    click here)


    1. Controlled Burn Area must meet these specifications, or be approved by the Fire Chief (or his/her designee), or be contained in a steel barrel with a screen-covered top, be located at least 25 feet from any structure or combustible materials. Ground must be cleared down to mineral soil a minimum of 10 feet in all directions from the barrel.
    2. A constant water source must be at the fire. In case of EMERGENCY, please do not hesitate to DIAL 911
    3. All open burning will be completed 30 minutes prior to sundown (exception: Weston residents, see City of Weston burn ordinance). No burning if foggy, extreme dry and/or windy conditions exist, or a "Fire Ban" is in effect. Please call the Burn Line or visit the website referenced above for "Fire Ban" information.
    4. Fire must be attended to by a competent person (minimum age 18) until such time fire is out and poses no threat.
    5. Flying cinders or brands must be confined to the cleared space within the approved area.
    6. DEQ regulations prohibit open burning of the following materials at anytime, anywhere in Oregon: Garbage, rubber products, tires (includes burning tires to start an approved agricultural waste fire), plastic, petroleum products and petroleum-treated materials, asphalt or industrial waste, any material that creates dense smoke or noxious odors. Tree stumps may not be open burned unless they have first been removed from the ground and completely let dry. Also, PLEASE RECYCLE CARDBOARD.
    7. Ample access for Emergency Vehicles to the burn area must be available at all times. Also, by issuance of this permit, you are granting and authorizing the Fire Chief (or his/her designee) the right to enter private property for the purpose of verifying compliance, extinguishing a fire, or contacting a responsible party.
    8. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and/or the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office is responsible for issuing penalties when this open burning permit is violated, not the Fire District.
    9. If the Oregon Department of Forestry provides fire protection to the area this permit applies to I understand, am subject to, and will also follow their rules and regulations for Open Burning.

    By using this permit and starting a fire, I understand that I could be held responsible for damage to property, the cost of fire suppression, and civil and/or criminal penalties. Further, I hold harmless East Umatilla Fire and Rescue, or any other fire department/district called to assist them, for damages that may inadvertently occur when extinguishing a fire this permit describes. This permit can be revoked, or the Application placed on probation status for two years. Furthermore, an unlawful fire may incur response and suppression costs to the Applicant, the property owner, or both. If applicant fails to comply with the guidelines stated above, the Fire

    Chief or designee is authorized to disallow or extinguish any residential controlled burn at any time that is deemed a threat (ORS 478.960).

    "My signature below indicates I am the person responsible for burning at the permit address. I have read and understand the permit and the regulations it describes"

    By typing your name in the "Signature" space below, you agree to the terms of this permit.

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