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Naloxone (Narcan) Distribution Spots


East Umatilla Fire & Rescue in conjunction with Save Lives Oregon would like to thank the Cities of Athena, Helix, Weston, and Charles & Deborah Baker of Adams for allowing the placement of free Narcan (Naloxone) cabinets in their respective locations, these cabinets will be kept stocked 24/7 as long as the grant funds are available. This opioid reversal agent is harmless to those who do not need it, as it works only on Opioid medications and overdoses of that type. These cabinets are there for individuals who would like to get help but want to remain anonymous, the primary use for these cabinets were for accidental incidents to allow responders time to get to the incident. The cities and city officials hold no liability or responsibility for these cabinets, under the Oregon Good Samaritan law (ORS 30.800). We will be holding additional training for the communities that we serve in the coming months. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact either the fire dept. at (541) 566-2311 or the ambulance district at (541) 566-3811.