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I-84 Pile-Up


Aerial view of a vehicle pileup on a busy snowy road

East Umatilla Fire & Rescue sent one ambulance and transported one of the first patients from the scene.
From Tri-City Herald:
As many as 98 cars and trucks crashed on one mile of icy Interstate 84 in the Blue Mountains Monday afternoon, according to the Oregon State Police.
There were 15 to 20 cars and trucks in the largest pileup, according to early reports.
The OSP was called about 12:20 p.m. Monday to an initial pileup about 20 miles east of Pendleton and just east of the Deadman Pass summit on I-84.
Officers were notified of additional crashes while they were arriving and once there could hear the scraping metal of more crashes behind them, according to the OSP.
Emergency medical responders were treating and taking patients to hospitals, but the OSP said it had no estimate of the number of people injured.

People who were not injured but who could not drive vehicles that were damaged or blocked were being taken to the Pendleton Convention Center.

Photo of workers assisting vehicles in a pile up
Photo of vehicles in a crash