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EUFR Frees Driver From Crashed Pickup

5/4/2022: From Phil Wright, East Oregonian:

Photo of a vehicle crash: truck in a tree

​WESTON — Rescuers freed the driver of a pickup Tuesday morning, May 3, after it ran off the road near Weston and crashed.
East Umatilla Fire & Rescue in a news release reported it responded to a call at 7:52 a.m. on Highway 204 for a pickup that ran off the road and ended up with a tree against the driver's side door.
The weather on Highway 204 was slightly icy and foggy, according to the news release. The fire district’s personnel arrived to find a pickup nose down in snow with the rear several feet off the ground and stuck on a tree. Airbags in the cab had opened.
A crew freed the driver through the front windshield. The person suffered minor injuries. East Umatilla Fire & Rescue took the person to a local hospital.