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Fire on Hodgson Road on Weston Mountain


​East Umatilla Fire & Rescue
Press Release:
On January 4th at 2:20 am, East Umatilla Fire & Rescue was called to a fire up on Hodgson Road off of Highway 204 on Weston Mountain. There was a motorhome, a 5th wheel, 3 vehicles, a tractor, a scooter and a 4-wheeler lost in this fire. 4 small trees were cut down also.
17 firefighters were working on this fire with an engine, 2 brush trucks, 4 tenders, a medic unit and 2 command vehicles.
The water situation was the biggest problem. There was only one single-lane road getting to and from the fire. There are no hydrants up there to feed off of, so water tenders had to pump water to the engine.
After the fire was put out, a fire investigation was done,  the cause of the fire was an electrical component failure.
There were no reported injuries.
Red Cross was called and 3 people were given help.

Photo of vehicles on fire
Photo of vehicles on fire